The in-vivo ovine tricuspid annulus. Based on nine sonomicrometry crystals implanted on the tricuspid annulus in the beating ovine heart, cubic splines were calculated to interpolate the marker positions. Based on this mathematical description of the annulus strain was calculated throughout the cardiac cycle. The video is an average of nine animals where red markers indicate the commissures, while blue markers indicate non-commissural marker positions. The segment closest to the viewer is the septal segment.

The beating ovine right heart: a subdivision surface approximation based on sonomicrometry crystals implanted in the ovine heart. A total of 20 markers were implanted in the right hearts of four sheep. The marker data sets were subsequently temporally aligned and averaged before a modified Loop subdivision algorithm was employed to create a continuous representation of the ventricle based on which strains were calculated.

Soft tissue failure under uniaxial extension: a 2mm x 2mm piece of arterial tissue is modeled via 400 discrete SPH particles / the tissue constitutive behavior is approximated using a new-Hookean/Holzapfel material model with one predominant fiber direction in vertical direction / as above damage and failure is modeled via a continuum/discrete particle hybrid approach

In vivo anterior mitral valve dynamics: a set of 16 radiopaque tantalum markers surgically attached to the anterior mitral valve leaflet of sheep was tracked over 4 cardiac cycles via biplane videofluoroscopy 

In vivo mitral annulus dynamics: as above tantalum markers implanted on the mitral annulus of sheep were tracked in space and time to study the motion of the mitral annulus