Welcome! to my personal website. I designed this website as a go-to-place for future students, collaborators and colleagues  to find more information about me as well as my research & teaching.

As of January 2017,  I am a tenure-track assistant professor at University of Texas at Austin, where my research focuses on soft tissue biomechanics. Before joining UT, I was a post-doc in Professor Humphrey's lab at Yale and the Director of R&D for a small medical device company. My previous research experience includes my PhD under Professor Kuhl at Stanford University and research visits to ETH Zurich, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Utah. 

I am currently looking for highly motivated PhD students with a background in experimental and/or computational mechanics and an interest in soft tissue biomechanics! If you are interested, just send me an email or contact me via ResearchGate or LinkedIn, see below.